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Hide details for  8.0.2 FP2 8.0.2 FP2
CAOA7P4BNWHTTP task hang up when DWA user tries to edit the personal spell check dictionary which contains more than 150 words.
Hide details for  8.0.2 8.0.2
DYHG75E5E8Fixed a problem where name validation failed when an alternate name was used.
HYZG7AP5YLAlarm time fields were not displaying what had been set. This problem has been fixed.
VSEN7EGSSKThe Calendar Summarize display has been updated to support color coding similar to non-Summarize views.
VSEN7EGTCCWhen no entries fall within a Calendar Summarize view, a message is now displayed indicating there are no entries. Previously the area would be...
VSEN6TBR3BImproved performance of saving DWA preferences. This regression was introduced in 8.0.1.
VSEN7DDL2YPrior to this fix, the new Portal stylesheet was not displaying correctly on ODW Next.
VSEN7DD38JCan't switch from portal stylesheet to regular stylesheet with &client=<something other than wps> argument. This problem has been...
JJYG79U53NFixed a problem where words were lost in some cases during Spell Check.
YCDL785CZPNotes password dialog will no longer be displayed when deleting all junk mail, including encrypted documents.
Hide details for  8.0.1 8.0.1
JLJE6HGHWRWith this fix, Domino Web Access set the registry entries HKLM as well as HKCU, when user sets DWA as default mail client.
DYHG7585AGResize function worked for the maximize size window on Mozilla. This regression was introduced in 8.0.
KWSR6Z9PDFFixed a problem where the repeating dates were displayed on the repeat tab for the accepted meeting.
KCHO7956L4Prior to this fix, the arrow in Namepicker was not Bidi.
DSLL6XPAP7After adding a person or group using Hebrew text, in Sametime, the groupname became garbage code. This problem has been fixed.
ZYAG6RVD5NFixed incorrect cell width in calendar one/two week view when a browser window was narrow. The issue is not specific to BIDI.
KWSR759J6PExisting meetings will no longer be deleted after Importing Holidays.
AJAN757UADEnhanced Domino Web Access redirect to support DWA Lite mode and fix two additional SPRs.
ALSR74DGA6Fixed a problem where attachments were duplicated when a particular mail was forwarded/replied with history. This problem occurred when (1) original...
ASAO5QNDHJFixed a problem where an error message was not displayed and the wait box would not disappear if the Group Calendar contained no...
CBOD757N9FFixed a problem where a check was not performed on the group type when users were removed from the virtual list after logging off.
ASUH75Q9ELFixed cases where opening a document from the trash view displayed a Domino Web Access warning message.
SPNK73RCWVPrior to this fix, HTML images were displayed as a red x when accessing HTML messagesin DWA.
JCIK78BN92Replaced POE-based server default dictionary wpdic.dic with jFrost version, us.dic.
ESPR76KKJDCorrected subject text in Recall Message messages. The text said "Recall Initiated" and should be "Message Recall".
YXIG76P4G7Prior to this fix, status information was missing from the Message Recall report.
KCHO75T3YXFixed a problem where DBCS characters were displayed with LMBCS lead-byte when the chair modified the Body in an existing meeting...


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